Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Government mustn't punish workers for inflation incompetence

Inflation figures released today show that CPI has risen to 3.3% due to rising food and energy prices. RPI inflation hit 4.3% as prices continue to rise. CPI inflation is now at its highest level since 1992.

John McDonnell MP, LEAP Chair, said:
"This isn't about pay, and its not solely about the credit crunch, it's about short-term decision making over the last 11 years as New Labour has done nothing to move the UK from a fossil fuel based economy to an economy based on renewable technologies".

Professor Prem Sikka said:
"The government now only have blunt tools for managing the economy. The government should use the regulation of gas, electricity and water to impose a price freeze, and also claw back monies through windfall tax on utilities and oil companies to support pensioners and increase tax free personal allowances, so that people at the bottom of the pile have more cash"

Andrew Fisher, LEAP Co-ordinator, said:
"Inflation is rising due to the Government's failure to plan for 'peak oil'. Punishing public sector workers for international oil and food prices is economically misguided and will cause further resentment among dedicated public sector workers. It is politically and economically inept."


Anonymous said...

we've got renewable electricity through ecotricity (discount with Smile bank) and it hasn't been more expensive so farthough maybe some green power tariffs are..I'd recommned changing to it but also gettin geco-lighbulbs and switiching things off when you can to reduce the bills in any case.
Can we come up with some ideas as to what LEAP would do to help small busnesses specifically as they are a different case sometimes and what about a reduction in the price of fuel if someone has to drive to work and public transport is not availble but NOT if there is of course!

Robert said...

Pensioners, yes i agree they need help, but we do need a bit more gas to get rid of all the disabled, god forgive anyone thinks they are real.

from a disabled bloke.