Friday, 5 September 2008

Beyond the conference

The "Beyond the Market Economy" conference in May was a great success. The workshops however were so good that many people wanted to go to all of them. In response to this we are prepared to organise workshops one each topic:
1) Securing housing for all;
2) Ending corporate power: 21st Century models of social ownership;
3) Drowning in Debt: Transforming the financial system;
4) Defending pay, pensions and jobs in a global market economy.

At preset the plan is to hold half day workshops at the London School of Economics on Saturdays between now and mid-November. If you are interested please contact: Rosamund Stock

Let us know which sessions you are interested in and which dates you could make.

Gerry Gold, who led the second workshop, has said he would be happy to lead another session, and in view of LEAP's recent publication on Social or Common Ownership this would be a good start.

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Anonymous said...

With Labour heading for a nightmare and perhaps another eighteen years out of power, it does not really matter much anymore, to day more Data lost, now we hear about spin and the NHS and the government, enough is enough with Labour, I cannot believe a party like this cannot stop pissing about from one mess to another.