Sunday, 12 October 2008

LEAP meeting - Monday night

LEAP is hosting an emergency summit 'Who Pays for the Credit Crunch?' on Monday 13th October at 7:30pm in Cm Rm 6 of the House of Commons. Everyone is welcome, come along.

Speakers include Brian Caton (POA), Jeremy Dear (NUJ), Kelvin Hopkins MP, John McDonnell MP (Chair), Mark Serwotka (PCS), Prem Sikka (Professor of Accountancy, University of Essex), Graham Turner (author of 'The Credit Crunch').

Download the flyer for the LEAP summit. Read and debate A People's Programme for the Crisis.

What others said about the People's Programme:

"It is excellent and very clear"
- Tony Benn

"I support this programme because it is now becoming patently clear that the deregulatory agenda put in place by Thatcher and Reagan has left the world's financial system in tatters and bereft of solutions. This is an historic opportunity for the Left and for clear thinking people to promote policies based on equity, democracy and sustainability. These policies need to come from the Labour Party to both reshape the political direction of the UK and protect those people severely threatened by a downturn that is not of their making."
- Peter Cressey, Reader in Sociology, University of Bath

"The characterisation of the government's actions as 'socialism for the rich' just about sums up why we need the A People's Programme for the Crisis: ordinary people did not create this crisis and should not pay for it and its consequences. Capitalists did and should."
- Prof. Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Hertfordshire

"Few politicians seem able to grasp the significance of what is happening at present. John McDonnell does. He is ahead of the pack in understanding the public mood at present: this programme is not just what people want, it's what they know they need."
- Richard Murphy, Tax Research LLP

"The crisis can't be solved by a cosy discussion between the people responsible for creating it - financiers, regulators and the political elite. There has to be informed debate at every level of society. This People's Programme brings real economy issues like jobs and housing into the equation. It's just what's needed to map a democratic way forward"
- Cllr Gordon Nardell