Tuesday, 7 October 2008

LEAP Summit: Who Pays for the Credit Crunch?

'Who Pays for the Credit Crunch?'

Monday 13th October 08
Committee Room 10, House of Commons

Chair: John McDonnell MP

Speakers include: Brian Caton (POA), Jeremy Dear (NUJ), Kelvin Hopkins MP, Mark Serwotka (PCS), Prem Sikka (Prof. of Accountancy, University of Essex), Graham Turner (author of 'The Credit Crunch') plus others

John McDonnell, LEAP Chair, said

"My view is clear – the key question is who should pay for this crisis? Pouring taxpayers money into bailing out the banks by recapitalisation without nationalisation will mean that ordinary taxpayers pay for the crisis caused by the mistakes and greed of the bankers. Nationalisation to control the banks, prevent repossessions and halt company closures is the only way to provide the security needed."

See A People's Programme for the Crisis by LEAP - and have your say.


Matthew Stiles said...

Looks very interesting. Do you need to register in advance to attend?

Andrew said...

no, it's open to anyone. Registration is not required.