Tuesday, 12 May 2009

And what of the Tories . . ?

With the opinion polls over the weekend showing that the Tories have now amassed a huge lead, it is only right that this blog starts looking at Tory economic policy

Or rather looking for Tory economic policy, as Prem Sikka writes in his open letter to David Cameron, posted on Comment is Free. The Tories seem quite content (and quite likely) to ride to power on the back of Labour unpopularity - but where are their policies?

The only sign we have of any emerging policy is from a backbench Tory private members bill, due for debate this Friday (but unlikely to be reached) to scrap the minimum wage. Imaginatively titled the Employment Opportunities Bill, Tory MP Christopher Chope's Bill proposes to enable employers to 'opt-out' of the National Minimum Wage. If you want to register your opposition there's a website been set up www.wageconcern.com.


Grand Inquisitor said...

The next election shall produce a Hung Parliament. The Conservaties (i.e. the Tories and the right wing of the Labour Party currently holding power and known as "New Labour") will try to form an alliance, which will fail. The left wing of the Labour Party shall then take control of the party, and win the following election in a landslide, lead by John McDonnell.

With love and respect.

Grand Inquisitor.

Anonymous said...

What a great vision!