Monday, 22 June 2009

Workers take back rights at Lindsey

While Parliament has blocked previous attempts - led by John McDonnell MP - to unpick Thatcher's anti-trade union laws, workers at Lindsey and those taking solidarity action are tearing up the laws on the ground.

The right to work, and therefore the right to income, is a key economic right. Total may think it can walk all over its workforce, but the Lindsey workers and their supporters are proving where the real power lies if people act together in unity.

John McDonnell MP,LEAP Chair, said:

"We fully support the Lindsey workers who have taken strike action today and urge others to come out in support of those workers.

"We are calling on the employers to immediately come to the negotiating table to seek a just resolution of this dispute.

"The courage of the Lindsey workers has demonstrated that trade unionists are no longer willing to accept the anti-trade union laws. The Government should act now to scrap these laws which deny the basic right to strike."

There's also been excellent coverage in the Morning Star, by Professor Gregor Gall on Commment is Free, and on the A World to Win website.

Update 23/06: John McDonnell MP has tabled EDM 1718 'Lindsey Oil Refinery Industrial Action' calling on Total to negotiate with the GMB and Unite unions

And there's a new piece on Comment is Free by Gregor Gall

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