Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Budget-that-never-happened exposed

When the showpiece of a Budget is that there'll be a supertax on cider, then one of two things must be true: the world is happy place since the only economic discrepancy relates to fizzy alco-apples or (and I'd suggest this is the case) there is so much wrong that the Chancellor is hiding something.

A BBC interview with Alistair Darling barely 24 hours after the Budget showed that Darling was indeed feeding us milk and honey (but not cider) until after the election.

In a Budget speech long on party political patter, but short on economic strategy, Darling attempted to setup dividing lines between Labour and the Tories. Why then collapse the next day and say actually, 'we're going to be the same'. In fact, we'll introduce cuts that "will be deeper and tougher" than those introduced by Thatcher.

As today's Morning Star report 'Darling comes clean over cuts'. The battle lines are drawn - you can vote Labour for tough and deep cuts, Lib Dems for savage cuts or Tory for early cuts. Cuts, cuts, cuts (has a consonant been omitted? - Ed)

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