Tuesday, 5 May 2015

"I fear for our people if Cameron gets back in" - John McDonnell

Eve of poll letter in The Guardian (6 May 2015) by LEAP Chair, John McDonnell (Labour PPC for Hayes & Harlington)

Polly Toynbee (The powerful invisibles at the heart of the Tory party, 5 May) refers to the “deep chasm” that divides our society. The consequences of that chasm in my community are profoundly distressing. I never thought I would see shanties being erected or families staying in sheds and garages just to put a roof over their children’s heads. I didn't think that people would be going hungry or would have to rely on charity to eat, but so many in my town now do. And how wrong I was when I believed the days of landlords evicting families to increase the rent or for simply complaining about the damp were over.

I fear for our people if Cameron gets back in, especially in alliance with Ukip. Nothing and nobody but the rich will be safe. There is nothing they won’t sell, nothing they won’t cut, and nobody they won’t scapegoat, no matter what harm they cause to even the most vulnerable in our society. As a minimum safeguard we have to ensure Labour is at least the largest party.

From the socialist left in Labour I beg disaffected Labour voters to come home to Labour. Others, especially new young voters, I urge to stand with us in protecting a new generation against the barbarity of a Conservative/Ukip future.

John McDonnell 
Chair, Socialist Campaign Group

Below is a photo taken by John McDonnell of where someone is living in his constituency:

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